Overseas Company Services

American Company Registration

With the increasing perfection of the internationalization process, China’s role in world trade is increasing, and more and more enterprises and individuals are seeking or have developed in overseas markets. For international trading companies, registering an American company can facilitate the docking of traditional foreign trade companies with overseas markets and improve the trust of the company. In today’s cross-border e-commerce industry, with the continuous upgrading of platform rules, more and more cross-border e-commerce companies have a strong desire to operate in foreign countries, and it is the best choice to register an American company

Bank of the United States

America as an international financial centre, whether in the amazon, wal-mart and other U.S. electric business platform, with the us company to carry out import and export trade, field management, or go to the United States, need to bank of America account, can be convenient to transfer payment to the bank account opening, improve the company’s visibility and credibility, strengthen the competitive power of the time