CloudyBay Overseas Warehouse Service

US warehousing service is a high-quality and efficient logistics warehousing and distribution service tailored by CloudyBay for Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers.Customers can deliver the goods by themselves or entrust CloudBay to send the goods directly to CloudBay U.S. warehouse by air, sea or express according to actual demand.With the US warehouse as the transit starting point and the comprehensive distribution network in the US, cross-border e-commerce sellers can realize the US localization sales.

  • First service

Customers directly use the express, air and sea freight services provided by the overseas warehouse of CloudyBay to deliver goods directly from China to the Amazon warehouse or the overseas warehouse of CloudyBay

  • One consignment service

The customer prepares the goods and sells the products through the overseas sales platform. The CloudyBay overseas warehouse sends the goods to the designated address according to the customer’s instruction. This delivery service is an agency delivery service

  • Inventory clearance services

Due to various reasons, the accounts of sellers on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms have been closed and their products cannot be sold. The overseas warehouse of CloudyBay can provide inventory clearing service to reduce the loss of sellers

  • FBA replenishment, virtual warehouse and other transit services

FBA replenishment and other transit services refer to the wholesale/FCL transportation from China by sea or air to the overseas warehouse of CloudyBay, and then delivered by CloudyBay to the FBA warehouse or other designated place in batches according to the needs of customers

Virtual overseas warehouse means that customers ship goods from China to overseas customers, but the shipping address is the address of our overseas warehouse in the United States, which greatly increases customers’ purchase desire